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Whether you already own a water garden or are simply thinking about taking the plunge and starting your own, you are part of a nationwide trend in gardening.

A water garden or backyard pond offers so much more than a traditional garden. The pond creates its own "living and breathing" ecosystem. Ponds are classified into three categories: water gardens (including bog gardens), fishponds and fountains. Each type pond or water feature comes complete with its own set of joys and seasonal issues.

To help you learn more about this growing trend in gardening – and to help you understand some of your pond’s issues – we would like to invite you to join the Green Country Water Garden Society.

Annual membership dues are $25 for a family membership and $20 for an individual membership. (Commercial memberships are also available.)
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GCWGS meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Tulsa Garden Center (2436 S. Peoria in Tulsa, OK).

Please join us!