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Ponds and Water Gardens

An Overview of Aquatic Plants and Flowers
If you have a green thumb or you just love gardening, one of your best options is to start an aquatic garden. (Thank you Andrea Glenn)
All Things Koi and Pond Related
Andrew & Jackie are Australian pondkeepers. Lots of Koi information plus details on the ponds.
Judging Koi Fish
Here is a little background and some things that you will need to consider when judging koi fish.
Controlling Pond Algae
Here are the most common types of pond algae and how to deal with them. The Resources Tab also has information on Rainwater, Rain Barrels, Hydroponics and Permaculture.
Half-Barrel Pond Page
Proof that bigger is not necessarily better. Repurposing old wine or whiskey barrels into a small watergarden is a great way to build a simple, and sustainable water feature.
Eric's Half-Barrel Pond
An excellent tutorial! Eric describes in detail how he made a couple of half-barrel ponds with under-gravel filters.
A wealth of information on diagnosing and treating all common koi ailments, as well as general information on water quality, filtration and more.
Koi Blog
An information page covering anything and everything related to the care and enjoyment of koi, goldfish and pond life in general.
Koi Diseases
A quick reference guide to help you in diagnosing problems that may arise in your pond.
Fish Health
An informative page, offering everything you need to know to keep your pond in the correct condition to promote koi health and growth.
Kit & Ben Knotts
Victorias and other aquatic plants. Cocoa Beach, Florida.
Moosey's Country Garden
A Mother's Day present that got completely out of control! Located in West Melton, New Zealand
(Mostly Armchair) Water Gardening, Ponds and Streams at Talking Leaves
Donald Burger is a gardening and model railroad enthusiast in Houston.
Murphy's Fish in a Barrel
Murphy & Co.'s barrel full o' fish lives in the San Francisco area. Good information on building a 1/2 barrel pond.
Hollybons Garden
Pond construction
Another Canadian pondkeeper. Julianna has a connected grouping of theme gardens.
Robyn's Pond Page
Texas Discovery Gardens
The first certified organic public garden in Texas. The Leftwich Reflecting Pool has a capacity of 13,740 gallons of water.
The Real McKoi
Dedicated to Koi and Pondkeepers everywhere and based on John's experience in building his own pond in the UK.
TvE's Pond Page
Thorsten has some excellent pictures of his pond under construction.


The Aquatic Gardeners Association
An international organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts. The Aquatic Gardner is the journal of the Association.
The Austin Pond Society
The water garden club of Austin, Texas, USA. Their pond tour is online, too.
British Koi-Keepers' Society
Colorado Water Garden Society
Dallas Koi Kichi
A non-profit educational organization focused on koi.
East Texas Arboretum and Botanical Society
Located in Athens, Texas.
Inland Koi Society
Serving Riverside and S an Bernadino, California
Miami Valley Water Garden Society
Located in Dayton, Ohio.
Mid-Atlantic Koi Club
Minnesota Aquarium Society
Santa Clara Valley Koi and Water Garden Club
Santa Fe Pond Society and Koi Appreciation Club
Southern Arizona Koi Association
Southwest Koi and Pond Association
Located in El Paso, Texas.
Texas Association of Pond Societies
The umbrella organization for Pond and Water Garden clubs in Texas.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
The Waco Pond Society
Bringing water gardening to Central Texas
The Water Garden Club of South Texas
San Antonio and the surrounding area
Water Garden Society of Greater Kansas City


Watergardening Magazine

Aquatic, Botanical and Gardening References

AquaWeb Fish Resources
Garden Guides
Exchanges, forums, special interest pages (including ponds!)
Books, FAQs, Links, a Chatroom and Message Boards (including one just for Ponds)
Keith's Koi Korner
Lots of information
RWT's Goldfish Information Site


The exotic animal feeding resource.
Beckett Corporation
Pumps and other pond supplies

Boards, Chats, Listservers, & Newsgroups

Garden Forum: Ponds and Aquatic Plants
A forum for the design, construction and maintenance of ponds.
Garden Forum: Aquatic Plant Exchange
Offering plants, seeds and cuttings for exchange.
Garden Forum: Bogs
A forum for the discussion of bog gardens.
Garden Forum: Koi Ponds
A forum for koi ponds.
Garden Forum: Wildflowers
A forum for native plants.
Garden Forum: Aquariums
A forum for aquariums.
The Interactive Pond at